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About Us
Who We Are

When you choose Williford Law, you are not just retaining a law firm. You are securing a partner with a strategic viewpoint. A partner that is as personally invested in your success as you are. We are intensely focused on solving our clients' most critical problems and concerns. To this end, we are driven to deliver exceptional results for every client we serve by providing the highest-quality legal advice coupled with outstanding service, every matter, every time. This is what makes Williford Law different. Click here to see what our clients say about us. 

Our Core Values

IntegrityWe hold fast to our values and principles when they are tested. We never waiver or falter to do the right, ethical, and just thing in the face of adversity or criticism.


Client-Centric CultureThoughtful consideration for our client’s concerns, challenges, and well-being drive everything we do. We value building and nurturing strong, long-lasting relationships with every client we serve. 


Continuous ImprovementStagnation and complacency are the enemies of progress. We welcome and seek out opportunities that allow for growth and development in both our personal and professional lives.


QualityOur commitment to excellence means that we only provide the highest quality services and solutions. Our absolute best goes into everything we do.


TransparencyWe value open, honest communication and only engage in fair, ethical, and sound business practices. 

Pro Bono and Investing In Our Community

We are dedicated to providing pro bono legal services, financial aid, and volunteer time to those that need it the most within our community. Our commitment to pro bono work is a core aspect of our culture. We firmly believe that it is a lawyer’s social responsibility to make the legal system accessible to everyone. We volunteer many hours of our time and expertise to help people who might not have equal access to the legal system. We are consistently praised for applying the same level of passion, exceptional service, and client-centered focus to our pro bono work as we do our billable work.

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