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Intellectual Property

We offer clients a full range of legal services relating to the procurement, commercialization, and protection of intellectual property assets. Our services include counseling and managing transactions involving copyrights, trademarks, privacy, and data security.


Copyrights. We provide copyright advice to a wide array of clients, especially those in the online, entertainment, sports, publishing, and communication industries, such as athletes, authors, songwriters, television and movie producers, recording artists, and screenwriters.

Trademarks. We help clients obtain, protect, and enforce trademarks within the United States and abroad. Some of our services include: providing domain name counseling, performing investigations for trademark clearance, drafting opinion letters, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, prosecuting and defending trademark applicants in administrative proceedings, and policing the use of trademarks by third parties.

Licensing. We are adept at handling intellectual property and licensing arrangements, ranging from traditional licensing agreements to intricate joint ventures involving the development of products and systems.

Privacy and Cybersecurity. We help businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of mining customer data to maximize the benefits of data usage without running afoul of privacy laws. Also, we provide clients with the resources necessary to prepare for, and respond to, any type of data security incident.

Domain Names. Having an online presence is critical. We advise clients in selecting, registering, and enforcing domain names on a global scale. We ensure that our clients have the appropriate online strategy to discover and eliminate threats to their online reputation and security by striking a delicate balance between defensive registrations, monitoring, and recuperation.

Trade SecretsTrade secrets are often the most valuable intellectual property a company can possess. Trade secrets help businesses maintain a competitive advantage and remain on the cutting edge of innovative products and services. Therefore, developing and implementing strategies to prevent the theft and misuse of trade secrets are essential to protecting proprietary information. We assist clients by drafting employee, confidentiality, and non-disclosure agreements and formulating policies and procedures to prevent trade secret theft. We also draft agreements that involve licensing or selling trade secrets.

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